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BEST BRASS believes that it is our mission to take over the pioneer's passion and contribute to developments of brass instruments and the music. If the past pioneers were alive, they would explore the "next-generation mouthpieces". On the other hand, many current manufacturers have just copied famous mouthpieces and say they exceed the originals. However, that can not evolve the world of brass instruments.

BEST BRASS have been exploring the unknown "next-generation mouthpiece" for the last 10 years with experience and sound technology.  The "Groove series", which have two brand new concepts: "Multi-length System" and "The Groove", will finally help the world of brass players progress into the 21st century. 

The relatively heavy design achieves our sound image of Trumpets.  The two acoustic slits, which emphasize the original design, enable a sound that carries and flexibility in both the upper and lower registers.  The mouthpiece promises to achieve the dignified and rich Trumpet sound.  Despite its heavy design, it is easy and natural feeling to play.

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