Besson BE967 Sovereign Euphonium in Silver Plate

Besson Sovereign Euphonium BE967-2
"Floating" leadpipe
 - Enhanced tone, allows bell to vibrate
2nd valve finger ring - For ease of tuning
304.8 mm - 12" Bell - Greater sound projection
Bell rim rolled and soldered over brass bell wire- Adds strength and protection to bell
Bottom sprung valves - Faster action
Compensating - Improved intonation in lower register
Nickel silver tuning slides - Resists corrosion
Patented spring damper set - Quieter valve action
Stainless steel pistons - For smooth valve action. No oxidization
Synthetic rubber water key seals - For a perfect seal
Water reservoir - Protects clothes from leaking moisture from pistons

Bore: 14.73mm (.580")
Key: Bb
Weight: 4.5kg (9lb 15oz)
Bell diameter: 304.88mm (12") upright
Valves: 4 bottom sprung stainless steel
Water keys: 3 (including 3rd valve slide)
2nd valve finger ring
Patented spring damper set
Nickel-silver tuning slides
"Floating" leadpipe
Nylon Delrin valve guides
Classic bell size
Finish: Bright silver-plate

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Price $7,448.00
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