Besson Prestige Series 12" Euphonium

Besson Prestige BE2052 Euphonium in Silver

Besson BE2052-2-0 Prestige Euphonium Outfit in Silver Finish.

The Besson Prestige is arguably the best Euphonium on the market at the moment. If you look beyond the (slightly gimmicky) main tuning slide trigger you've got an impressively engineered and great specification instrument which plays wonderfully. There is a smaller bell model available (BE2051 - 11"/292mm) but this is not popular so we only supply these to special order.

Features / Specification:

  • Key of Bb
  • Bore size through valves: .580" (14.73mm)
  • 4 Bottom Sprung Monel Valves
  • Compensating
  • Bell Diameter 12"/311mm
  • Main Tuning Slide Trigger
  • Alliance Mouthpiece
  • Available in lacquer or silver plate (picture shown is in silver finish).
  • As they are the ALMOST same price, most all players opt for silver (due to greater resilience and ease of repair)
Besson Prestige Series 12" Euphonium
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Price $8,300.00
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