Brass Concepts by Frank Greene

"Playing Lead Trumpet with Maynard Ferguson was a dream come true! Just being around him day after day was amazing. And what I learned from him was invaluable. I wrote Brass Concepts to share those very things with you". Frank Greene, Brass Concepts is full of tips and tricks learned from many years of touring and doing clinics with Maynard well as the things learned from years of playing with Jon Faddis. I''ve also added some unique concepts from Bobby Shew and brass guru Don Jocoby to boot. Maybe you struggle with range issues and endurance problems... or maybe you feel you play too tense and closed off in your throat...maybe you really want a bigger and more projecting sound. You know you can play...You just want it to be easier! In Brass Concepts you will learn: The #1 reason our chops give out and how you can prevent it. Quick and easy ways to fix playing-mechanics problems automatically! What players like Maynard are actually thinking about when they play! How to use the Wedge Breath? And...How you can learn to play with more ease in the Upper Register...people will constantly ask you just how you make it look so darn effortless... Brass Concepts can teach you how. It will arm you with the right tools so you can make endurance issues and other playing problems a thing of the past. A must for Lead Players.

Brass Concepts by Frank Greene
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