5 Starr Valve OIl Bach Valve Oil BrassOn Oil Refill Bottle 8oz
5 Starr Valve OIlBach Valve OilBrassOn Oil Refill Bottle 8oz
5 Starr Valve oil is ultra fine lubrication.Bach Valve OilNow you have the opportunity to buy a big 8 oz bottle of BrassOn oil. We know you like it, and you know what they say: the bigger, the better! #2 Oil Ahora tienes la oportunidad de comprar una gran botella de 8 onzas. Sabemos que te gusta, y ya sabes lo que dicen: cuanto más grande, mejor! #2 Oil




BrassOn Valve Oil #2 BrassOn Valve oil #3 CLEAN-STROKE Valve Wash
BrassOn Valve Oil #2BrassOn Valve oil #3CLEAN-STROKE Valve Wash
Our Valve Oil #2 is a medium viscosity oil. It is fast, smooth and durable. It has been formulated to protect the instrument. It does not any rust remover ingredient and it does not smell like kerosene. Nuestro aceite #2 es de viscosidad media....Our #3 oil is a medium - high viscosity oil. It has been formulated to be used in vintage instruments, but it also works fine with instruments that require a thicker oil. It does not have abrasive ingredients and does not smell like kerosene....CLEAN-STROKE Valve Wash is a specially formulated detergent made at the Warburton factory




Denis Wick Valve Oil Hetman Lubricants
Complete Lube Kit for trumpetDenis Wick Valve OilHetman Lubricants
The Complete Lube Kit contains Ultra-Pure Professional Valve Oil, Regular Tuning Slide Lube, and Light Tuning Slide Lube. A horn oiled and lubed with all Ultra-Pure feels great! - See more at:...Denis Wick Valve Oil 2oz

This system of lubricants was developed to go beyond the limitations of conventional oils and provide a new level of instrument performance and longevity.




Holton 8oz Valve Oil Holton Valve Oil 2oz Hornfire Oil
Holton 8oz Valve OilHolton Valve Oil 2ozHornfire Oil

Holton 8oz Valve Oil

Holton Valve Oil 2ozHornfire Oil , designed and perfected by Lloyd Michels and Terry Warburton.




Reka Trombone Slide Lube Slide o Mix
LynZoilReka Trombone Slide LubeSlide o Mix
Conn Selmer continues the Bach legacy by bringing you the very best in brass instrument care and maintenance with the introduction of LynZoil. Invented by trumpet player Lynn Nicholson, esteemed alumnus of the Maynard Ferguson Big Bang, to meet...

Reka Trombone Slide Lube

The Slide O Mix products were developed to offer exceptional lubrication for trombone hand slides.




Slide O Mix Rapid Comfort Tombone Mini Mister Trombone Complete Slide Lube
Slide O Mix Rapid ComfortTombone Mini MisterTrombone Complete Slide Lube
An easy to use one step trombone slide lubricant. rapid comfort is designed for the trombonist who wants the features of Slide-O-Mix, but in a quicker and easier application. Rapid comfort can be used when there is limited time for application. A...The Ultra-Pure Trombone mini-mist gives up to 70 sprays on a single fill. Hold it in your hand and pump the mister with your thumb. Gives a perfect, light mist spray and is not adjustable to a stream (teacher friendly!) - See more at:...





This one-step cream has been the lubricant of choice for students and pros for generations.