Practice Aids

A.P.E. Anti-Pressure Exerciser The Buzzard The Horn Grip
A.P.E. Anti-Pressure Exerciser The BuzzardThe Horn Grip
Brass players know this story all too well.... To get those screaming high notes, there is a natural tendency to push the mouthpiece HARD against the chops. Often times too hard - to the point where you regret it later.The unique combination of internal shapes controls the airflow to achieve balanced resistance The internal taper through the throat section plus the reverse bell flair expands and focuses the buzz Promotes the natural position of the embouchure...The Horn Grip works by supporting the right hand in the correct position for efficient operation of the trumpet valves. Breaking the habit of poor right hand posture can be difficult. The Horn Grip makes it easy by providing a constant reminder...




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P.E.T.E. by Warburton

Isometric tool for strenghtnening the support muscles involved in the embochure. A must have for any brass player.