Schilke Z Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

For the trumpet player in search of their "inner brightness", we now officially offer a variation of the 14A4A, 13A4A and 6A4A on a new lightweight contour blank and a tighter AA backbore... 14A4Z, 13A4Z, and 6A4Z. We nicknamed the tighter AA backbore "zinger" in house, hence the name 'Z' backbore. The top of the mouthpieces... rim, rim contour and cup are exactly the same as the 6A4A, 13A4A, and 14A4a... only the backbore and blank contour have been modified. Basically it's a bright playing trumpet mouthpiece with more treble/ sizzle and more resistance than what's offered in the standard line. It zings!

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