The Quiet Mind by Frank Greene

This new concept will transform the way you think! Allowing you to play things you may have never thought possible. Ever wondered why some people can play without fear and nervousness? How they play so confidently and so easily? There''s a secret psychology to playing without fear and most people don''t know about it. That''s why they will always struggle to perform. In the Quiet Mind (for musicians) you will learn: The 5 reasons we fail--and how you can avoid them. Why we lose focus and how you can keep it? How to get into The Zone? What is THE most important thing to remember in ANY performance? REMEMBER...OUR MINDS DON''T EVER SIT STILL! RIGHT NOW YOU ARE EITHER MOVING TOWARDS FREEDOM FROM FEAR OR YOU ARE CONTINUING TO LOCK LIMITING BELIEFS AND LIMITING HABITS FIRMLY INTO PLACE... The Quiet Mind(for musicians) will teach you how to break this cycle ONCE AND FOR ALL.

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