Bach Artisan Trumpet Mouthpieces Bach Gold Rim Series Trumpet Mouthpiece Bach Mouthpieces
Bach Artisan Trumpet MouthpiecesBach Gold Rim Series Trumpet MouthpieceBach Mouthpieces

Going back to the Vincent Bach Vault in the design of New Artisan Mouthpieces Drawing on the recent success of the Artisan trumpet collection, Vincent Bach is proud to announce the launch of a completely new line of trumpet, cornet, and trombone...

Bach Gold Rim Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

Genuine Vincent Bach mouthpieces are the best available in the world.




Be sure to select rim, underpart and backbore. If no designation is made we will use our best jusdgement in filling your order. Curry 600 Series Trumpet Mouthpieces Curry Standard Trumpet Mouthpieces
Bob Reeves Complete Trumpet MouthpieceCurry 600 Series Trumpet MouthpiecesCurry Standard Trumpet Mouthpieces

Bob Reeves Brass makes mouthpieces for trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet, and piccolo trumpet in both cornet and trumpet shanks.

Looking for a cup that's tight and bright, and a rim that won't tire you out ? The 600 Series is for you! Designed for today''s high energy music.

The entire Curry Precision Mouthpiece Line has been produced using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology and CNC machines.




Denis Wick Mouthpieces Faxx Trumpet Mouthpieces Greg Black NY Legend Mouthpieces
Denis Wick MouthpiecesFaxx Trumpet MouthpiecesGreg Black NY Legend Mouthpieces

Denis Wick acoustically perfect, well designed mouthpieces are engineered in Britain by fine craftsmen on the most advanced CNC machines. Every mouthpiece is made within precise tolerances and is hand polished and plated.

The Faxx mouthpieces were developed as facsimiles of Bach designs , however at more economical prices. Only the most popular sizes have been reproduced to guarantee the lowest prices possible for these quality mouthpieces

Greg Black NY Legend Mouthpieces are made in the style of the infamous New York Giardinelli series. These mouthpieces are one piece and are silver plated. ***NOTE THE DETAIL IN MY PICTURE MAY BE GRAINY but the actual mouthpieces look flawless.




Marcinkiewicz Trumpet mouthpieces Schilke Trumpet and Cornet Mouthpieces Schilke Z Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
Marcinkiewicz Trumpet mouthpiecesSchilke Trumpet and Cornet MouthpiecesSchilke Z Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

All Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces are held to the highest quality-control standards.

Schilke trumpet and cornet mouthpieces California residents: See Prop 65 WARNING**
For the trumpet player in search of their "inner brightness", we now officially offer a variation of the 14A4A, 13A4A and 6A4A on a new lightweight contour blank and a tighter AA backbore... 14A4Z, 13A4Z, and 6A4Z. We nicknamed the tighter AA...




Warburton "Warbonite" trumpet top Warburton ATV backbore
Shires American ClassicTrumpet MouthpiecesWarburton "Warbonite" trumpet topWarburton ATV backbore

Shires American Classic Trumpet Mouthpieces. Available here in 1.25C , 1.5C, 3C, 5C


Warburton "Warbonite" trumpet top usually preferred by players where control of the dynamic range is of the utmost importance.

Warburton ATV backbore , slug.




Warburton ATV Visualizer Warburton Backbores Warburton trumpet tops
Warburton ATV VisualizerWarburton BackboresWarburton trumpet tops
Visualizers have been used successfully as a diagnostic tool by brass teachers since the 1920's. Our approach with the A.T.V. goes far beyond visual diagnostics, providing an advanced, high-intensity Isotonic workout and low-intensity exercises...

Warburton backbores are available in thirteen standard sizes for Trumpet, Cornet, Schilke Piccolo Trumpet and Blackburn Piccolo Trumpet.

Warburton mouthpieces are a two-piece system that consists of fully interchangeable "TOP" sections and "BACKBORE" sections. Tops are sold individually with no back bore.